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Your Style




 Your Style is a shopping service offering affordable and stylish home décor and concierge services including sourcing specific items for clients and assistance with selling their items.

The  Your Style  philosophy is simple, “It’s about what you love!” Whether your home is decorated with decor you’ve picked up at thrift stores, has been passed down to you from family, purchased at a discount store, or have been assisted by an interior designer - as long as you love how it looks and makes you feel - that is what is most important!  


 Your Style sources furniture and home decor from around the metro DC, Maryland, and Virginia region. To keep prices affordable for a variety of budgets, Your Style does not have a retail space or showroom. By keeping overhead low, we can offer affordable prices. Curated items can be seen and purchased on our website. Delivery and shipping are available for some items, but to keep prices low, meet ups to pick up merchandise in beautiful Southeast Washington, DC are preferred. We are also happy to schedule meet ups in Alexandria, Virginia and Silver Spring, Maryland. 

If you don't see what you're looking for on our website, please let us know and we'll see if we can find it for you!

We're also happy to help you figure out what to do with decor and furniture you no longer want to keep.


From an early age, Your Style founder Chris Taylor appreciated architecture, decor, and design. At one point considering schooling in architecture, his life took a different path. After college, with a degree in social work, he began a career in public health. After nearly 25 years of working in public health and health policy, he found himself unemployed for the first time. To make ends meet while looking for another job, he began selling some of his own furniture and decor, and items he’d found at local estate sales and thrift stores. Family and friends encouraged him to consider sourcing and selling furniture and decor full time! Learning that there was a need for these types of services led Chris to launch Your Style in May 2019.   



AFFORDABLE Style and quality doesn't have to be prohibitively expensive. While it's important for us to make a profit, we are mindful of the market rate for similar items, a range of budgets, and any cosmetic issues with the vintage items we source. We believe our prices are reasonable for this region.

STYLE. Individual tastes and what is "on trend" vary year to year. When sourcing merchandise, what is most important to us is whether an item "catches our eye." Our taste may not be what everyone is looking for, but our instinct is that some of our clients will be interested. If there are items that you are specifically looking for, please let us know and we'll see if we can find!

QUALITY. Well designed and manufactured decor and furniture will last for many years. In fact much of our merchandise is several decades old. As such, there may be wear to a piece of furniture you're eyeing. We generally pass on items that are broken or in need of a lot of repair, but sometimes an item is so cool, that we know our clients will love it. We always try to point out any issues we see in item descriptions so you aren't surprised when you meet to pick it up. Similarly, we price these items accordingly.

AUTHENTIC.  Vintage decor and furniture has character, blemishes, and a story. When sourcing, we try to learn more about the history of our merchandise. This isn't always possible, so we may have to imagine it's past life. For it's future life, we know our clients will love it in their home! We may have to approximate the age of the item, but will never try to pass off a new piece as vintage. In our interactions with clients, we strive to be our authentic selves, just as we hope everyone is able to do the same.

INTEGRITY. In this world of big box stores and fast services, we believe treating each client with kindness, integrity, and respect. Sometimes this takes a little longer, but we enjoy meeting and learning about our clients. To ensure satisfied clients, we encourage you to inspect merchandise before you purchase. We do our best to point out any scratches, etc. when you pick up to make sure you are aware. If item is not as advertised or not what you expected, please let us know. While we love to make sales, we don't want clients going home with something they don't really want.